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After many years of experience gathered in Benelux and Germany, where the care of horses and horse breeding reach the highest level, we decided to bring the quality, professionalism and innovation to the Slovak market as well. Based on the idea of producing high quality and unique boxes for horses, we established the small family business in Slovakia in 2010. Our small family business was gradually rising to create the company that produces more and more boxes of different kinds every year. We satisfy not only the needs of the Slovak market but we also successfully offer our services in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Austria. Since 2012 we also export to Australia and New Zealand. In 2015 we implemented the first projects in Norway and in 2016 we have also successfully entered the German and Italian market.

The production of boxes and equipment for sables has become not only our work, but also our hobby. Therefore, our products are constantly improving so that we always meet the most demanding requirements of our customers and new trends in the field of horse breeding. Our products are made out of high-quality materials with many sophisticated details which are largely handmade by our professionals. We also perform high-quality assembly work in order to achieve always safe result which meets the demanding requirements for comfort of your four-legged friends to the maximum extent possible. We do the maximum for the satisfaction of our customers. We provide professional consultancy which will help the customers take shape of their ideas and requirements.


We put a high emphasis on quality and purchase materials from the verified and certified suppliers. A large proportion of the components for the boxes are handmade by our professionals and every product passes through the check at least twice before the supply.


The roots of the company date back to the year 1998, when we have established the cooperation with the Dutch company, which has a long tradition on the market and great experience with the production and assembly of boxes for horses. We have acquired the experience, which are constantly developed.

100% Atyp

Our entire production is focused on the manufacture to order. We deal individually with each client and our products are tailor-made. Each our product is the original.

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